Everything you need to prep for the OCE

Here is what's included in PT Exam Prep's OCE Prep Course!

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What's Included?

PT Exam Prep's Ontario Clinical Exam Course includes three courses:

  • Part 1: Case Prep
  • Part 2: Ethical Vignette Prep
  • 1 on 1 Three Hour Mock OCE

Part 1: Case Prep

  • A detailed breakdown of what is required for each case.
  • Frameworks to simplify your approach for each section in Case 1 and Case 2 questions. We've thought of everything, so you don't have to.
    • Case 1:
      1. Accepting the patient
      2. Informed consent
      3. Clinical examination (includes frameworks to cover all conditions!)
      4. Clinical impression and recommendations
    • Case 2:
      1. Developing a treatment plan
      2. Developing goals and patient collaboration
      3. Collaboration, Consultation and Referral to Others
      4. Monitoring, Reassessing, and Modifying the Plan and Promoting Self-Management
      5. Discharge Planning and Transitioning Care
  • A comprehensive review of each highly examinable pathology.
    • Key information that could be presented in case.
    • Additional information that needs to be asked during your subjective exam.
    • Additional information that needs to be gathered during your objective exam.
    • Approach to treatment.
    • Safety considerations.
  • Example cases for you to practice the strategies you've learned in the course and check your knowledge for your exam.

Part 2: Ethical Vignette Prep

  • A detailed (and we mean DETAILED) review of examinable content for Part 2 of the OCE.
  • Frameworks to help you effectively communicate and organize your clinical reasoning. 
  • Over 170 practice scenarios with detailed answer keys.

1 on 1 Three Hour Mock Exam

  • Once you register, you will be able to select a time slot for your 1 on 1 mock exam. You do not have to select your time slot until you are ready.
  • The Mock Exam includes:
    • Part 1: 2 case study questions
    • Part 2: 4-5 vignette questions 
    • Detailed feedback during your session as well as a report card following your exam. The report card will include feedback on your strengths, weaknesses, and practice scenarios to work on.

Part 1: Clearly Explained Strategies

This course will give you a clear approach for preparing for Cases 1 & 2 on the OCE

We break down each section outlined by the CPO in order to provide you with easy to follow strategies to ensure you have a comprehensive answer.

Part 1: Charts to help you understand key concepts

Throughout the course you will find charts and handouts to ensure you cover everything for the OCE!

Joint mobilization chart, pediatric gross motor milestones, breath sounds, breathing techniques, secretion removal techniques... the list goes on!

Part 2: Over 170 Practice Scenarios

Detailed answer keys and frameworks

During the OCE you will need to quickly organize your thoughts and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject while following an organized approach

Part 2: Detailed Lessons

We have gone through 100's of real life cases and broken down key concepts from each practice standard. We also provide strategies to help you communicate your clinical reasoning effectively!

For example: How to communicate with people who have aphasia, dementia, language barriers, intubation, and trauma.

1 on 1 Three Hour Mock Exam

Start studying early and have the flexibility to book your Mock Exam when you feel ready.

The 3 hour Mock Exam includes 2 case study questions (Part 1) and 3-4 vignette questions (Part 2). Candidates will also be sent a detailed report card after the Mock Exam.