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  • $300.00 CAD - Access until you pass 

Existing Full Practical Course Students  can email us to receive a $100.00 discount code.

With each purchase, you have the option to add ONE other license.  If you are studying with a partner, you can send us their email, and we will give you both access.

This bundle includes exams D, E and F (3 full exams). Each exam includes everything you need to create your own mock clinical exam!

  • 8 x 8 minute stations (x3 = 24 stations!)
  • Suggested answer key for each question
  • Standardized patient instructions
  • Access to questions via an online portal
  • Each station includes seperate instructions for the candidate and examiner/patient

Looking for the for more exams?

We encourage study partners to split each bundle. One partner buys A,B & C and the other purchase D, E & F

  • $200.00

    BC Clinical Mock Exam Bundle (A, B & C)

    1 month access
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  • $300.00

    BC Clinical Mock Exam Bundle (A, B & C)

    Until You Pass
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Instructions to Actor & Equipment list

Its easy to create your own mock exam with our step by step instructions

Timers to make sure you stay on track

We've thought of it all!

Detailed answer keys

Each mock exam follows contains the same distribution of questions as per the blueprint

Just like the real exam! 3-5 MSK Questions 1-2 Neuro Questions 1-2 Cardio Respiratory Questions 1-2 Other

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I share this with a study partner?

    Yes! After you purchase we will contact you to see if you'd like to add another license to your purchase. This will allow both you and your partner to access the mock exams. Your partner can be a study buddy. Or, if you'd like to use all the exams yourself, you can add a family member or friend! It's easy to have a non-physio act as your actor if they follow our instructions to actor guides.

  • Is the mock exam like the real exam?

    This is as close to the exam as you can get. We have designed each exam to follow the same distribution of questions as per the blueprint.

  • Can I do the mock exam more than once?

    You can take the exam as many times as you like!